The Dubai Design week 2017 were kicked off yesterday with the opportunity for bloggers to visit the trade fair before the crowds come in. Why? Well, we just love to get a good shot of some beautiful design without someone behind it that we otherwise would need to shop away. Anything for a perfect pic right?

This early bird special does get us in the mood for this week because this is the most inspirational time for design lovers like us in Dubai. Design, in any shape or form, is an essential part of our life. It is something genuine and interesting, and we love learning about it and being surprised by it’s functionality or creativity.

The Dubai Design District (D3), were part of the DDW takes place, has grown so much over the last year and we immediately noticed some great new spots. As we were in desperate need of coffee we kicked off with some research at The Espresso Lab prior to our tour du jour.

Down Town Design, the trade fair, is at a beautiful light and spacious location this year and doubled the size with 150 local and international brands exposing.

We started off with a huge carpet crush for some Italian beauties at cc-tapis. The colors, the materials, it is all perfection to us. We had a little proud moment when seeing the Bliss collection designed by the talented Dutch Mae Engelgeer.

It’s the Italians and their design which make a big mark here in Dubai. We found some more love at first sight at the Italian brand Moroso where we met our new dream sofa: an orange velvet stunner!

At Swedish brand Nordic Homeworx we saw the new gorgeous matte wooden flooring by Kahrs. This company has introduced such beautiful materials for flooring that we luckily see more and more of here in Dubai

And another must see is Sarah Lavoine by The Den. We have a big crush for her shop in Paris where I spent several hours last summer, and now for the first time her items are in the Middle East.

Outside of the fair there are also some great design initiatives. All the way at the top of my list is Iconic City. A stunning collection of sound, photography and filmmaking. Such an experience.

Something to admire is the Prologue Fredrikson Stallard presented by Swarovski. The stunning thing is that this piece of art changes during the day with the light. It creates a constant changing ambiance on the square.

The IKEA ‘Let’s play for change’ initiative is worth a visit which is an exhibition to encourage kids, teenagers and grown-ups to engage in play. We love how the outdoors have been taken indoors to show creative ways of living sustainably.

Debuting this year is the Super Design Market. This pop-up concept store features a beautiful range of local and international brand of homeware and gifts.

The Tinkah product launch is another must see for us. We were lucky to be at their dinner in collaboration with Inked last weekend where they also launched their table ware of the grey area collection.

Does this get you in the mood to go yet?
You will see us there the coming days as there is still lots more to see, do and experience (also for kids so don’t feel bad dragging them along…).

This is a week of inhaling international inspiration, be sure not to miss it!

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We are spending a lot (!) of hours inside at the moment. With the sun flaming and the aircon blazing, the boys are catching up on their reading when its just too hot to handle out there.

To make their room a bit more comfortable, we brought in two beautiful floor cushions from Little Connoisseur. The perfect thrown for lounging kids. The cotton cushions have such nice details like a golden exposed zip and a genuine leather adornment that can even be customized. Not a big surprise that our cushions say: PLAY and LOUD. And then we haven’t even mentioned the packaging… Get ready to be surprised!

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What is the difference between a house and a home? A space and a room? What makes a random area in your house a sanctuary you want to escape to?

At the Milan Design Week we literally kept walking into a new trend that opened our eyes. It is a theme that is all about how connecting with people is more important then ever. ‘Everything is connected’ was not only the title of Jotun‘s design exhibition, we also felt this proposition at brands like IKEA, Carl Hansen and Son, Vitra and many more.

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Rugs are  a total must have in our home. They add structure, warmth and soul to a space. The best thing about rugs is that it is such an easy way to change the vibe of a room.

It is no secret that we love to work with Rozenkelim as they have an amazing selection of distressed carpets and berbers. We have used them in our installations of living rooms, bedrooms, playrooms and nurseries like the custom made hot pink Beni Ouarain rug and the grid berber in this girls bedroom. And also in our own living room you can find a vintage rug from Rozenkelim. The darker tones go beautifully with the overall white interior.

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