Summer is here! And although we will be having a break from the office as much as possible, I have a very exciting design job to look into: our own three bedroom home on the Dutch coast. A place to go to in our school holidays, a place to rent out to who ever wants to experience a Live Loud Girl Stay.

When being in a situation where you can start from scratch, you can decorate according to how you want to feel when being here. This house will be a beach getaway where you relax as soon as you walk in and fill your lungs with fresh air as soon as you step out.

The overall feel will remain clean and minimalistic. In terms of furniture we will be combining old with new to strike the perfect balance between design and vintage. We are re-using the existing kitchen cabinets yet bringing in some perfect imperfect tiles that have always been on my wishlist. The bathroom will get a proper upgrade, bringing in some funky pink and in the rest of the home we will be experimenting with color.

Although the real renovation will only start in September, we are excited to go there this summer to kick off with some preparations. We need to choose materials, colors and furniture before we can start dreaming about how it will look a few months from now.

You can follow our journey over summer on Instagram and Live Loud Girl Stays as I will be visiting my favorite shops in The Netherlands and putting together the shopping list. For now we want to share the mood boards and wishlist… Let us know what you think?!

Bathroom cabinet | Bathroom tiles | Velvet sofa | Pendant lamp | Table |
Black chair | Black shower head | Vintage rug | Wash basin |


Where we can have a say in how things look around the house, we do. Believe us, we do.
So when functionality meets design, which is one of Dyson’s core values, we are all ears and want to know all about it.

I was asked to join the Dyson family and the first thing we did was get to know their first personal purifying fan. The Dyson Pure Cool Me creates a cooler and healthier environment without giving in on esthetics. It removes potentially harmful household fumes and ultra fine particles from the air. The sleek design allows it to perfectly blend into any different personal space. A breath of fresh air in a Dubai household, where dust, sand and airco’s are always on full blast.

We want to give you a look behind the scenes of the shoot where I am using this product in my home. You can also check out the video that we shot. As we prefer being behind the camera, just focus on the purifier… that is the beauty in this story:

More information on:


Sometimes small changes can make a big impact.
Just before the summer holidays kick off here, I wanted to fresh up our master bedroom. Without making it one of our projects, we want to show how we change the mood of this room with just a set of new crisp bedding and a quick and painless DIY #Ikeahack.

You know how we love beautiful textiles as it adds a sense of richness. We enjoy playing around with bedding and always have our seasonal favorites. Although we often work with bold colors in our projects and own kids rooms, for our own master bedroom we prefer using a very neutral color palette. And as temperatures are souring at the moment, cool, crisp, white bedding is what we require right now.

My new Purity set from Crisp Sheets is woven with a special technique to ensure the soft touch stays crisp, as if you just made your bed. The delicate structure just adds that something extra.

Together with this, I took the chance to do a DIY with my very loved IKEA lounge chair. Despite the fact that I know I am walking on thin ice when changing this Piet Hein Eek design, I felt that it could ‘pop’ some more. A coat of mat black spray paint was all the legs needed.

A new set of Crisp Sheets and a quick DIY can do a lot for a room.
For me it was about freshening up, getting into that summer mood.

Crisp Sheets bedding in the master bedroom
Crisp Sheets bedding in the master bedroom

Ikea hack
Crisp Sheets bedding in the master bedroom


Whether it is for a photo shoot or an installation, we are always on the look out for new products to work with.
We have quite a few well known go-to sites we use and shops we visit. Yet we also very much enjoy using unique products made by enthusiastic creatives that are possibly driving their business from their kitchen table.

As we are working on our projects for the weeks to come, our ‘saved’ Instagram posts and shopping carts are filling up. Some of these items are still just options, while others have already been allocated.

Maybe you are thinking of redecorating a room or revamping an area in your house. Let us know if you share the love for these products that are in our carts right now. We’d love to hear from you!

SHOP THE LOOK: Rug by Lorena Canals |Chair by &tradition Little Petra | Floating fish mobile via Studio Mini Shop | Mingle cushions by Muuto | Room divider by Fermliving| Art tea towel: Castle and Things | Brass Palm lamp by Peek & Pack | Cane backed chair by HK Living via Smallable | Blanket by Autumn at Smallable | Images below by the suppliers

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