We have often written about how creating a statement wall can really change the vibe of a room. By bringing color in, you can give a space an instant make over.
We love using a color that is appropriate for the room. For example, using a subtle color in the master bedroom and maybe a bold one in a kids or playroom.
No matter what your style is, no matter how big or small your home is, no matter what the size of your wall is, paint always works!

We were challenged to style Jotun’s new Call a Painter campaign.
In under four hours we were able to transform two different apartments. A Jotun painter took care of the color on the walls, we took care of the styling. Easy as that!

For the Shop the Look campaign we did a make over in our own house. By simply changing the color on the wall and adding a few items, we created a totally different atmosphere.

Are you keen to change the vibe of a room in your home? Jotun’s new service enables you to do that make over yourself. Have a painter with your favorite color on your doorstep with one simple call. Need inspiration? Check out the links below to create your favorite look.

Painting and photography by Jotun | Styling by Live Loud Girl

Bedroom shoot: Stool Frosta by IKEA | Table lamp by The Bowery Company | Curtains Aina by IKEA | Pillow cases Puderviva by IKEA |
Cabinet shoot: Cabinet Besta by IKEA | Chair Industriell by IKEA | Posters Bild by IKEA | Frame Hovsta by IKEA | Camara Table Tray & Ball Vase by The Bowery Company
Apartment shoot: Frames Ribba & Hovstra by IKEA | Cabinet Ivar by IKEA | Lamp Storuman by IKEA | Pouf Stockholm by IKEA | Stool Frosta by IKEA | Coffee Table Kragsta by IKEA


  1. I thought there was really a written statement on the room…

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