It is no secret that we love blue. It is such a versatile color that can range from chic to funky. Therefore we are happy to see that blue is on the radar big time in Milano.

Jotun launched their exclusive colors that were specially created for the ‘Everything is connected’ exhibition earlier this week. The colors Blue River and Nordic Breeze were presented together with a brown shade Norwegian Wood. This is a much fresher pallet compared to what we saw last year.

And that is exactly what our take out was from Il Salone, the trade fair and all the art and design initiatives that we saw and embraced around the city. Mostly Scandi brands that we find trend setting had richer blue tones on display.

Next to lots of blue we noticed that there were some keepers from last year like the dusty red, blushy pink and olive green. These three colors seem to be in for the long haul as we see them in al sorts of combinations, with many different players. And it’s no surprise that these three colors happen to combine extremely well with the new vivid blue. And we like it!

Compared to last year the newest color combinations are more saturated and it feels like spring. Style is personal and trends are temporary yet the outtake from this years Design Week in Milano makes us very eager to get back to work.

1. Normann Copenhagen – using two shades of blue in velvet in combination with cooler colors | 2. Jotun – Two shades of blue combined with a modern brown | 3. IKEA – affordable luxury with velvet | 4. Nynke Koster – Stool in blue in combination with blush | 5. Fritz Hansen Hotel – magical pop up hotel where the tropics meet the cool and minimalistic | 6. Bosa Monkeys – the absolute new tribal must have for your home | 7. IKEA dining chair | 8. Vitra living room – blue loves blush | 9. Dwell bench by Vera & Kyte at ‘Everything is connected’ exhibition


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