When it comes to appliances and electronics, I am extremely picky. So most of the necessary household items are stored away, behind beautiful doors of my (kitchen) cabinets.
Yet now I have finally found ‘my kind of’ appliance. My new portable Beosound Level speaker is one to show off and flaunt with around the house.

The Beosound Level promises superior sound in a minimalistic, Scandinavian inspired design. Well, I just had to say ‘yes’ to that. It is a great addition to our interior with the classic combination of wood and gold details. Not less important is the sound, which is incredible.

Another great feature is that the speaker can be used in several positions, depending where you need it. Standing up, lying down or mounted on the wall. Either way, the sound quality is not compromised. So bringing music with you wherever you are in the house is easy.

The speaker has been spending most of it’s time in the living room for after school chilling. But I have also managed to bring it upstairs to the master bedroom. I think it looks stunning there. Yet I am afraid the boys will soon be on to me and have it in their room. And I can’t blame them.

B&O has always been a front runner when it comes to combining superior sound with design. I learned this growing up. So I am delighted to have such a stunning appliance in my house now that I can show off.

Styling by Live Loud Girl | Photography by Marli Smith Photography

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