Living room two bedroom apartment

We are always up for a challenge. So when asked to furnish a two bedroom hotel apartment with a capped budget and a limited time frame, we thought: Yeah! Let’s do this.
Taking on projects for which we are in charge of from start to finish is what we do best. And although we love working with unique items that we often order from abroad, statement pieces and Scandinavian Design, we are capable of keeping it local and light.

When we visited the apartment for the first time, it was literally just bare concrete with loose wires hanging down from the ceiling. So we had to use a bit of our imagination when making the design. We also had to plan this opperation well as the kitchen was still being fitted when the products were carried in.

As you might know by now, we always like to add some color to the walls and had decided to paint one wall in each room in a Soothing Beige. In our minds it would go well with our selection of furniture. Linen curtains are also always a winner. For the bedrooms we added black outs, in the living room we left them simple.

As the budget was tight, we chose products from a few different shops that focus on affordable design. The challenge is to create a look that does not represent one store in particular, yet mix and match. Prints, accessories and lighting are always a great way to give a space like this some personality. The same goes for textiles. Rugs, linen bedding and fluffy pillows work wonders.
Just saying…

You can see the end result below. It was a challenge and it pushed us to work efficient and quick. Fun fact: it made us realise that we actually work best when we are on our toes. So we are ready for more of this!


dining room
apartment from scratch
two bedroom apartment
Master bedroom


my @fronteriors cabinet

We have been working around to clock to get my new business up and running. Yet, believe it or not, there has not been an upgrade with @fronteriors in my own house yet. Typical right?
It was time to make my own order to enable me to upgrade my existing IKEA BESTA cabinet. Because first of all, I was dying to finally bring those gorgeous cane doors into my living room. But I also wanted to see if it is really as easy as we say it is.
There was only one way to test my own product (and relationship…). And that was by asking my dear husband (aka @LiveLoudBoy) to take on this project.

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