Welcome to the Live Loud Girl blog. A blog for little ones and their stylish moms. I am Linda, the founder of Live Loud Girl a Dutchie currently based in Dubai. I ended up here after leaving my hometown with my family in 2011 to live in New York City. A place that inspired me so much that I just had to follow my passion and start my own business.

Moving around the globe pushed my boundaries. It gave me inspiration to develop, connect and create. It gave me the courage to follow my heart. And now I am one of those lucky ones that can say that my passion is my full time job. The concept Live Loud Girl started with just a notebook and a name…

My first blog post was at the beginning of 2014 when I started to share my interior inspiration. And that somehow evolved into interior styling where I can make my ideas become reality. I’ve come a long way since I only had that note book under my arm. Nowadays, I am happy to have a team that help me with the styling projects and managing the blog.

With styling, we love to start with a good base, literally a white canvas if possible. White makes us calm. We love to add monochrome but don’t shy away from bold colors. We love simplicity but embrace statement pieces. Scandinavia meets Manhattan with a touch of our Dutch roots you could call it. Combining vintage with new, design with IKEA, making interior styling accessible and affordable. Creating an atmosphere with attitude. Having a natural aspiration for beautifully designed homes, in our projects we always tend to shake things up by adding some bold – Loud – elements to create a more livable and easy going style. We just love to convert spaces into homes with a definite dose of funky vibes and originality where children have room to play and adults would love to join them.

Life is short so Live Loud – why not?


LINDA – The Founder, the creator and the perfectionist. If she has something in her head, it will just need to happen. Her day starts with instagram, a healthy juice and a cappuccino, which will repeat in that order throughout the day. Her home is her playground, her boys are her models and her energy is endless. Linda is end responsible for all projects.

FLORIEN – is our team member that can truly multi task. Being creative makes her happy and lucky for us, she has a big aspiration for interior styling. She ensures that all projects run smoothly and mood boards are made, since she loves to Photoshop. The boss does not allow it but she would love to wear a tool belt for her measuring tape, screw driver, pliers and of course her smart phone for instagram.

ROOS – is the team member who puts all the visuals into words. This freelance ghost blogger loves to write, making sure things definitely won’t get too serious. According to herself she has no talent for interior design but according to us she is creative enough to stay on the team. She is an afternoon coffee drinker but does not shy away from the morning round.