And there it is: my first blogpost! So scary, yet so excited! It came from far I can tell you that. So many doubts; shall I write in English, shall I write in my Dutch comfort zone, shall I just write about everyday things that inspire me or shall I narrow it down to my passion interior styling off children’s rooms,…..in the end I even concluded I don’t like writing :-). Having said that, there were so many beautiful things that came on my path, so many things which are on my mind, and so many inspiring words that I could do only one thing: Start Living Loud, give my thoughts a voice.
Live Loud (girl) logo is not ready yet, lay out is far from perfect & I have to see how this blogging thing works, but the subjects are there, I have many ideas so I hope I can inspire you; Live Loud, why not!??!
ps. Obviously I have a lot to learn…look at the image 🙂 ( I will never use this smiley face again, I promise)


  1. raquel alexis January 26, 2014

    Yayyyyy Linda!!! You've taken the first steps into what you want to do, don't stop believing in yourself. Keep it up blondie 😉

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