fiep westendorpLiving in a rental can be challenging. We love our houses yet if we would need to name one thing that we miss here, it would be some vintage Dutch roots.

Using vintage elements in your home is one of the core values of Live Loud Girl as we feel that a home should tell the story of your life.

Now for a Dutchie, there is nothing more nostalgic then a Delft Blue pottery tile on the wall. Probably all our Dutch grannies had them at home.
Another big part of our Dutch childhood are the illustrations of Fiep Westendorp. Three generations (and counting) have grown up with her books. Our kids are reading still these books today and loving them.

The girls behind Story Tiles recognised the longing for a piece of nostalgia and started making miniature pieces of art based on these traditional Dutch tiles. They are just given a new life with colorful and humorous images. Each tile tells its own story, every piece is unique.
And in honor of illustrator Fiep’s 100th anniversary, they have brought the tiles and illustrations together. Fieps Party collection is a fantastic range of wall art for vintage fans like us.

Art, in what ever form or shape, is always an investment for your home. It is something that makes you smile or stand still for a moment. When you fall in love with art, there is no getting around it. It is something that can tell your story.
We fell in love with this little square of nostalgia as it brings back memories. Memories of our childhood that we want to cherish… and pass on.

Check out the The Fieps Party Collection and the classic collection at Story Tiles

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Louise-shrigley-5497We are all for keeping blogging and social media interactive. That is why we love receiving questions from followers who feel inspired as there is nothing more rewarding then that.
For anyone who has outstanding questions, we have worked out the mostly asked ones that we receive on the blog and Instagram. Keep ‘m coming though, we always love hearing from you!

1. How did you start your business?
Well, I can only say one thing and that is that I just started. It was a regular week day, between taking care of two young kids, having no idea how to blog, write, or be social on media. I mean, did you see my first blog post?
Yet that awkward post was the beginning of what you have in front of you now. I started sharing inspiration, photo’s of my own home and this eventually led to my first project. And now I am one of those lucky ones that can say that my passion is my full time job.

2. Where do you get your products from?
Everywhere! Each project requires something else. The Live Loud Girl signature look is based on mixing it up. Scandinavia meets Manhattan with a touch of my Dutch roots you could call it. Combining old with new, vintage with IKEA making interior styling accessible and affordable, creating an atmosphere with attitude.
I am never secretive about what products I use so check out my Instagram account to see who I tag.

3: What is on material did you use for your floor at home?
As this house had brown tiles when we moved in, we decided to bring in white laminate to make it lighter and more our own style. Since this is a rental, it is an easy and affordable solution. If I could choose in my own home, I would go for a concrete floor.

4. Where did you buy the dip dye curtains from the boys bedroom?
Ssst, don’t tell anyone but we made them…. It was a little DIY project. You can easily do the same, just follow the simple instructions from the blog post. If you decide to try this at home, share the result with us by tagging  #liveloudgirllove

5. What  filters / apps do you use for your pictures
For all of my photos I use VSCO cam. I mostly brighten them so that the white in the photo will be completely white. Luckily we have enough sun light here in Dubai so I rarely have to do much more.

6. Where did you buy the daybed from the boys playroom
One of the best things in interior styling is customising furniture to your liking. It does not have to be complicated, just another cover or some different legs can go a long way. That is what we did with an IKEA bed for the play room to make it a comfortable reading lounger.

7.  Does your home always look so tidy?
Of course! My kids are not allowed to touch anything!
Just kidding of course…
A home, and especially one with young children, should be practical and fun yet for me it shouldn’t turn into a kids playground. So in our home we have some areas where they have their toys and some areas where I have mine. Having enough storage makes all the difference. We use baskets, boxes, and bags

8. How can I change my house without breaking the bank?
Your home should always tell a story, even if it is a rental. Life is too short to live in a space that does not feel like home.
Rule number 1: don’t be afraid of change. Change makes your house a dynamic place. With a little creativity you can come a long way. To change the look and feel of a room, you will not need to buy new furniture. Shop around in other rooms of the house for some new items. Adding a statement wall is a very easy and affordable way to bring in some color. And add green, it’s so on trend!

9. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Instagram is a huge source of inspiration for me. I follow many fellow designers, stylists, bloggers and entrepreneurs and read their blogs. There are so many creative people out there that keep me on my toes or new suppliers that I want to reach out to. This is how I try to always keep surprising my own followers.
My daily dose of inspiration comes from Yara Michels (Chapter Friday), Ruffled Snob, ensuus, Geraldine (who you might know from being Guest on the Blog), the ladies from M Word mag, Peek and Pack (we love their products), minimockspetra, madebylon, miniwalla, Chloe Uberkid (and many more….)

10. Do you need a kids playroom?
If you have the space, a separate playroom (with a door that you can close) is great. Having said that, it is so easy to create a nice play corner in the living room with for example some funky furniture and a cool rug.
A children’s bedroom is for peace and quiet and long, long nights. So we prefer to keep a bedroom calm and clean.
For kids rooms in general, keep in mind that they grow up so its not worth spending a fortune. We like to create spaces that they can grow into, that can easily be changed around according to their liking and needs.

I know we said ’10 most asked questions’ but here is a bonus:

11. What paint do you use at home? Skylight white from Jotun.
12.  Where is the kids bed from? Oeuf NYC
13. Where is the rug in your living room from? Rozenkelim The Netherlands

Top photo, my home with white laminate floor, Ikea lights and statement wall. Photo by Louise Shrigley | 1. DIY Dip Dye curtains | 2. Single bed became a Reading Lounger | 3. Storage for toys | 4. Statement wall in Sam’s room | 5. Boys Playroom | 6. Boys Bedroom, photo by Natelee Cocks

playroom boys Frankie and frenchie LiveLoudGirl110216_GOOD-14




We are still inspired from our trip to Milan last month. We shared our Italian adventures on the blog and had the chance to cover our trip as a guest blogger for the Bloesem Design Blog.  Did you get the chance to check that out?
Luckily our suitcases are not stowed away yet because we are off again. This time we are going to our home country Holland to source products for a very exiting new project. We will be styling an entire house (yikes!) in Saudi Arabia (wow!) this summer (hot!). Pinch me!

Although the furniture selection in Dubai is expanding, we can’t wait to visit our favorite shops and list of newcomers back home. Ultimately, the choice is bigger, especially when it comes to vintage finds.

Speaking of finds, we came across some very cool new items on Instagram. And funnily enough they all have to do with traveling, it is a theme at the office. These palm trees from Caramel & Sun are the perfect accessory to spice up a wall. More wall art that we adore are the posters from Coco Lapine Design. We used her Ketos poster in our latest room styling.

We’re on Snapchat in case you wanna follow us during our adventures. Username: liveloudgirl1 . We promise you lots of interior,  wanna haves, filters, loud talking and other stuff  which we prefer to keep behind te scene of Instagram and the blog.

Do you have any special addresses that we should not miss of products we need to see? Let us know and we might see each other this weekend in Holland!

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough! – Mae West






One large room, one sweet boy and a thousand books. Those were the ingredients we worked with for our latest room styling and we loved every step of the way.

When we came into the room for the first time, it was quite dark. We brought in some light by painting the floor and spray painting the existing cabinets. And this time we chose a light grey (and not the usual white… I know!) to create a basic warmer tone that goes well with the furniture.

Two of the walls already had a wall paper that we had to work with, yet we decided to add a third one. One might think that having  three different styles of wall paper in one room is pushing it but we think that the green cactus pattern from Ane Walldecor really complements the waves and world map. And besides this, we were dying to work with this gorgous wall art!

The main focus in the room were the books as this boy has more then an average library. That is why we needed lots of shelving. The open book case and the shelves on the wall will soon be filled.
As he loves to start his day with going through them, the big soft woolen bean bag from April and May is the perfect place for him to cuddle up. For his large collection of fossils and shells we added Muuto storage baskets in a beautiful mustard yellow color. This color really pops out and gives this space a fresh vibe.

The desk area was already lively with the beautiful world map. We brought some of the map colors into the room with the PET lamps, chair and stool. For his toys we added two custom made trollies where we could not resist adding our old time favorite mountain design.

We used quite a few regulars that we just love to work with like the cushions and the Armadillo rug. Since the room is so big, we went for the larger version of everything.
For the sleeping area we worked with the existing Oeuf bunk bed, one of our favorites to work with that you might recognize from my own boys room? As the boy wanted to sleep on a lower level, we had the bottom bed custom made. Together with some grid bedding from Cats and Boys and the monochrome cushions from Type Hype, we kept it clean, fresh and cool. The colorful Muuto wall knobs connect both sides of the room.

For this Dino lover, we ordered a custom made paper mache wall decoration from Susan Meijerink, one of our latest Instagram finds. This one of a kind item brings in a special touch. No monster dares to enter this room, thats for sure!

Photography Natelee Cocks | Styling Live Loud Girl

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