The best thing about installatios is seeing things come to life. All the thought we put into the choice of materials, the color pallet and finding unique items to make it a whole are just thoughts on paper up to the moment they are put into place. Where we usually do this for clients, this time around the istallation was for my own holiday home: Live Loud Girl Stays. A little three bedroom home near the Dutch Coast.

You might have seen some of the things we had put on the wish list. And slowly but surely we found all the right items. Some were bought in vintage stores (who would have known this lamp would look so amazing), other items were carefully selected from some of our favorite brands and local Dutch stores.

Every project starts with inspiration (Pinterest, magazines, Instagram…). For the mood board we will choose items we want to use to see how they work in combination with the chosen colors. It then all comes together with the actual installation where you will find us on a latter hanging a lamp or applying the wall paper.

There are a few items that really make this place special for me. I can’t hide the fact that I’m a huge fan of cane webbing. I love it for chairs, stools, cabinets…you name it. So when the Dutch supplier NLXL launched their new range, I could not wait to get my hands on it. A statement wall does not get more statement then this! I am giddy as a goat to have not one, but 2 designs of this wall paper making their appearance in the home. One as backdrop for the pink cabinet in the living room, the other as a headboard in the master bedroom.

The kitchen had a make over thanks to these new cabinets from De Oude Interieurbouw. I might be biased choosing this supplier (yes, my brother is also into interiors…) but they are honestly incredible. We kept the base of the kitchen and changed the sink, the cabinets doors and the kitchen counter top to black.

For the bathroom we (read: I) went a bit bolder. Yet the gorgeous pink Design Tegels will make you feel like you are showering on a pink cloud. The finishing touch here is the Finnish Woodio wash bassin. The washbasin is 100% waterproof wood composite that consists of real wood chips. And did you see the stunning &tradition Journey wall lights next to the mirror. Talking about finishing touches!

For the soft styling there were also some items on my wishlist like the table and Flowerpot pendant from &tradition. And how I love this amazing chair from rattan chair in the living room. It contrasts beautifully with the softer tones of the sofa and accessories.

Just before the end of the year we finished up this cozy holiday home on the Dutch coast. We will be staying here when we are back home, yet it is also available to rent! If you are interested, get in touch! We would love to host you and give you the full Live Loud Girl experience during your stay!

SHOP THE LOOK: Velvet cushion cover Harmony via Smallable | Cane webbing wallpaper NLXL | Flowerpot Pendant &Tradition | Print Je T’aime Smallable | Woodio Washbasin | Muuto dots via Smallable | Vintage Cane Thonet Chair | Ikea dining table


Magic Linen

We often write about how we love creating spaces that kids grow into, not out of. When it comes to our own homes we obviously try to do the same.
Jack and Sam have been sharing a room for quite some time now. Basically it was because I fell in love with the Oeuf NYC bunkbed before I even had children. Luckily it was also to their liking.
As they grow up (so fast) we felt that we wanted to upgrade their room with some small changes, making it perfect for starting the new year.

It has been a while since we installed a kids room. Not that we have been bored. On the contrary. We have been working on large hospitality and residential projects, as well as my holiday home. Kids rooms is however what we started with five years ago so this project is a nice way to end this year.

Some new items…

I came across these beautiful Magic Linen olive green curtains, making me immediately want to change the color scheme of this room. This color is a bit bolder yet works surprisingly well with many color schemes. The material lets through the light beautifully but has a nice heavy hang.
Like with any installation, sometimes things don’t work our precisely how we planned it. The curtains ideally should generously touch the floor. That however requires a drill… And we were too impatient and wanted to share the result with you. So there is still a tweak to make.

We did another little upgrade to the daybed. With the kids being 8 and 9 now, we felt that it could use some large cushions to make it the perfect place for reading.
Besides that, to bring in some color we went for this funky hotdog rug. Adding texture to a sleek floor makes a room look warmer, and the design was obviously approved by the boys.

So with these few small changes, we have upgraded the room so that it coincides with the age, style and recommendations of the kids again. The basics remain the same, it is just a matter of changing around, mixing up and adding some new colors into the equation. As you can see below, make overs like this don’t take a lot of time. So in the holidays, when you have an hour, update & upgrade a room in the house. It’s easy!


Upgrade of the bedroom
grow up & up grade


Flower pot table lamp from &tradition

The festive season is on our doorstep. It always seems so far away until you wake up one day and realize you are late for both getting the house decorated and doing the Christmas gift shopping.
Buying useless gifts and things made of crap materials, is something that we didn’t really think about in the previous decade. Yet nowadays, we want to be more mindful about what we buy. We also want to think about where we buy it from. And we care about the lifetime of the items we gather around us. Besides that, we personally rather give our money towards a creative who puts passion into every item he or she produces in stead of to a large, un-personal chain. 

We find a lot of products that we work with on Instagram. For us, social media has been so much more than just a platform to show our portfolio. Over the last years we have connected with some incredible suppliers, partners, creatives and inspirators here. And the best thing is that ordering one of their products does make a difference to someone.

So this year we will be even more mindful on what to buy, give and cherish. 
We want to buy less and focus on what really makes someone happy. We rather not purchase useless gifts but are willing to invest in keepers. We won’t go for a ‘Christmassy’ gift perse, but prefer to spend our money on something that will be appreciated year round.
Quality over quantity.
Small brand over multinational. 

The products that are on our wish list are the ones below. It might inspire you. If not for Christmas, maybe a birthday or other special occasion.

With that being said and shared, we wish everyone an incredible festive season. We will be taking a little break but are back for installations, styling and fun early in the new year!

OUR WISH LIST: Uma vase via Casa Gitane | String for your sunnies via Studio Belle-Soeur | Tea mugs from Summer School | Print from Wall of Art | Linen bedding via Midnatt | Storage via Repose AMS | Flowerpot table lamp by &tradition | All images (except top one which is shot by @liveloudgirl) are from the suppliers them selves.

Uma vase from Casa Gitane
Strings for your sunnies
Gorgeous mugs
This print is on the wishlist
Midnatt bedding
Storage via Repose AMS


Living room two bedroom apartment

We are always up for a challenge. So when asked to furnish a two bedroom hotel apartment with a capped budget and a limited time frame, we thought: Yeah! Let’s do this.
Taking on projects for which we are in charge of from start to finish is what we do best. And although we love working with unique items that we often order from abroad, statement pieces and Scandinavian Design, we are capable of keeping it local and light.

When we visited the apartment for the first time, it was literally just bare concrete with loose wires hanging down from the ceiling. So we had to use a bit of our imagination when making the design. We also had to plan this opperation well as the kitchen was still being fitted when the products were carried in.

As you might know by now, we always like to add some color to the walls and had decided to paint one wall in each room in a Soothing Beige. In our minds it would go well with our selection of furniture. Linen curtains are also always a winner. For the bedrooms we added black outs, in the living room we left them simple.

As the budget was tight, we chose products from a few different shops that focus on affordable design. The challenge is to create a look that does not represent one store in particular, yet mix and match. Prints, accessories and lighting are always a great way to give a space like this some personality. The same goes for textiles. Rugs, linen bedding and fluffy pillows work wonders.
Just saying…

You can see the end result below. It was a challenge and it pushed us to work efficient and quick. Fun fact: it made us realise that we actually work best when we are on our toes. So we are ready for more of this!


dining room
apartment from scratch
two bedroom apartment
Master bedroom

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