Just before we took off for our long summer break, we finished what we could easily call our most exciting project of all time. You might have seen the pics and posts already but we also promised to get into some more detail. Last time we focused on the kids rooms and today we want to share the adult spaces with you.
For the grown up kids in this Saudi house we enjoyed mixing a Parisian boho ethos of comfort with a trendy Scandi unconventional direction. Staying true to the geographical location and origin of this house, we added an Arabic touch of gold. 
Because of our sourcing trip to Europe, we were able to add vintage pieces and serendipitous finds from travels as well as some new items from collaborations with cherished designers.
We love creating beautiful corners like the one in the main hall. A black vintage cabinet against a sea weed green wall in combination with a design mirror from Muuto becomes warm and welcoming.
As Saudi is not known for her lush green gardens, we brought the green inside. You might recognize the palm tree wall paper from my house. Yet here we also added lots of plants. Don’t tell anyone but these plants are artificial. Did you notice?
To add coziness, we went wild with rugs. Rich, warm and original patterns were brought in like the Iranian vintage Kelim for the official living room and a dusty pink, vintage green Kelim for in the bedroom. All the rugs we sourced at Rozenkelim.
One of the highlights is the custom made marble table to seat the whole family. Custom made by furniture makers De Oude Interieurbouw. The 3.60 meter stretch is combined with beautiful leather camel colored chairs by Muuto. The combination is divine. 
We chose for green and a white Elise Fouin Papillon lights above the table as they remind us of the traditional Arabic chandelier.  Yet with a modern Scandinavian touch.
For the living room we went for Muuto again to make enough space for everyone. To stay on trend we combined the Connect Sofa with Norman Copenhagen circus poufs.
What a difference a color makes. The official living room was totally painted in Jotuns Evening Light, giving this space elegance and a 1001 nights feel due to the added gold touches of the Tom Dixon Etch shades.  
Last but not least we want to peek into the serene bedroom. We wanted to keep this room very calm and simple. The only piece is a very comfortable double bed by Box Spring Fabriek and a stunning custom made headboard with big drawers, enough sockets and a bed side table. 
We kept our fingers crossed when sourcing and installing this house but somewhere between the painting of the rooms, the laying of the rugs and the hanging of the frames, we felt the magic happen. A big thanks to our fantastic partners, suppliers and supporters and of course our client for giving us this opportunityIMG_6219 IMG_6218 IMG_6207 IMG_6348



As you might know, we love a clean Scandinavian look. Yet, a space without a vintage element or something with a story is just a room to us. We want to take you back to our ode to the second hand rocking chair to share our most important piece of styling advice.

November 2015 – Style is so subjective. Style is so personal. The best style is one that developed over time.
Over time I have collected items that I fell in love with. They fitted perfectly in my life at that point in time.

Recently a friend told me that she had seen our second hand wooden rocking chair in six different places over time and it’s true. The Piet Hein Eek rocking chair that we bought for Jack’s nursery has worked his way down and is now in our living room. Same old piece of furniture, different function, different styling, exceptional sentimental value.

Designing your home doesn’t mean buying a complete package in one store, it’s a process which take time.
At Live Loud Girl we all have a different style, based on mixed and matched items. We do agree at the same styling advice: give your home some space to grow. Move things around, add some new pieces and make space for personal items which grow on you. Because the best homes are the ones that tell your personal story.



Milan is known for her design, fashion and style. Not to mention the beautiful food you can get on every street corner.

We had the chance to get totally inspired by the city and the designers of the Salone del Mobile and recharge by having some of the best meals of this year and we will happily share our finds with you.


At 10 CORSO COMO design, interior, fashion and food comes together. This is the first concept store in the world and it is still a frontrunner. The amazing location and courtyard make it a must visit. If you are here for some real Italian style shopping you can eat your heart out or do literally that in the restaurant.

Address: Corso Como 10

THE RAW STORE is one of the places where we just want to sit and have a coffee. The styling of this store is so inspirational and exotic that we could not pass by. The beautiful items make us greedy too.

Address: Via Palermo 1

DEL TONGO Even though we are not really into kitchen design, we could not stop ourselves from wondering if our domestic side would flourish if we would have a kitchen from Del Tongo. These super sleek designs made us a little bit jealous.

Address: Via Solferino 22

We need architecture like this in Dubai, or actually anywhere. Bosco Verticale is the name of an innovative high rise building in the upcoming neighbourhood Isola designed by Boeli Studio. Although it is a residential block, it is worth to go and take a look.

Find it here


ANEMA E COZZE Our first Italian lunch was a good one. We stumbled upon Anema e Cozze in Brera where we went all out on pizza and pasta. A large fresh fish selection welcomes you at the door but they have much more then that. Besides the good food, Brera is a perfect location to spend the afternoon.

Address: Via Palermo 11

N’OMBRA DE VIN For who wants to have the choice of a good glass of Italian wine, do have dinner at N’ombra de Vin in Brera. Food is served in small portions to share but make sure you leave room for desert (that you might not want to share). The ambiance is fantastic and if you are lucky you might have some live music too.

Address: Via S. Marco 2

THE BOTANICAL CLUB If you want to try some experimental fine dining, The Botanical Club of Milano is the place to be. Since they have their own small batch Gin distillery, this is the place to have the perfect G&T. The interior of this restaurant is hugely inspiring. It is where exceptional food and style come together.

Address: Via Pastrengo 11



Some time off also gives us the opportunity to look back over the past year and all the amazing projects that we had the chance to do.  In a series of Way Back Wednesdays, we want to share a few older projects with you that still put a smile on our face.

The summer holiday might be the perfect time to take on a little styling project. Last February we redid the curtains in the boys room with a DIY and we would like to share it with you again.

February 2016 – The dip dye trend reminds us of the DIY t-shirts that we made in the late ’80’s. Back then, we certainly did not have the patience and approach (not to mention style) that we have developed over the years to make a piece of cloth dipped in a big bowl of paint look good.
Recently we came across this trend again and decided to give it another try. This time not on our old white tee but on the curtains in the boys room. We thought they could use a funked up version to add a bit of boho to their overall crisp Scandi room.

Although our style has hopefully changed, the method of dip dye has not. It’s easy but does require the right materials.

You will need

  • Your curtains (we used linen, Ikea)
  • Fabric dye
  • Vinegar
  • Rubber gloves (if you don’t want your hands to end up matching the curtains)
  • Stick or old wooden spoon
  • Big bucket

Step 1:
Wet the curtains and leave them damp.
Dissolve the dye in water (see the instructions on the packaging)

Step 2:
Fill the bucket with approximately 6 liters of warm water and place it somewhere safe (as it can stain) and stir in the vinegar and the dye.  Stir well.

Step 3:
Place the curtain on a chair next to the bucket and carefully and evenly dip the lower edge of the curtain into the bucket. Dip as far in as you require the color to reach.

Step 4:
If you like a subtle shaded effect, dip in a bit more fabric every 10 minutes. If you want a good contrast, just leave the first part in for a longer period of time. The colour will be darkest on those areas of the curtain that have been in contact with the dye for longest.

Step 5:
Check to see if you are happy with the result. Then take out the fabric and rinse with cold water. Wash as normal in warm water to remove any excess dye.
Let the curtains dry completely, just not directly in the sun.

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