We are proud to share with you something that only a few years ago was far beyond our wildest dreams.

When we were asked to be the Art Director for styling the Jotun Kids Collection we knew it would push us to create something we had never done before, we knew we needed to think big. It gave us the opportunity to work with a great team of professionals and creatives. It allowed us to grow.

Every year Jotun launches new color pallets. This year’s Kids Collection is made with the help of children as they are the most creative ones around us. Based on their wild opinions, their favorite colors and imaginative stories, Jotun created three themes:

Once upon a time – Red, Blue and Teal – Purple dinosaur.

The eight colors of each theme form a beautiful pallet which was our starting point for the design. With online concept store Smallable as our exclusive partner for furniture and accessories we made nine settings for the collection.
The final design design, the production and seeing it all come together in these beautiful pictures makes us blush. The end result has exceeded our expectations.

This opportunity has showed us that doing what you love, following your instincts and lots of hard work pays off. We have been styling for the last 4 years and sometimes we still feel like rookies, crossing our fingers during a job. Yet working for Jotun and seeing the final result is nothing but humbling. Without the constant support of Jotun and their lovely team this would not have been possible.

Art Direction & Styling Live Loud Girl | Photography Maha Edde | Styling Items Smallable | Kids Fashion Styling Kristin Nystrom



Although we are all out of the baby phase (for what I know at least), we still love designing and styling nurseries. And luckily, they keep coming our way.

Our latest client wanted to create a calm and clean room, keeping everything very basic and subtle. Although that generally works very well for a nursery, we did want to spice it up a little, adding a dash of Live Loud Girl-ness as we always want to create rooms that kids grow into, no matter how young they are.

The room was bare, large and light when we saw it first, being a perfect blank canvas for us to get creative. Adding color to the walls was the first thing that came to mind. We used two beautifully complimenting colors from Jotun’s new Kids Collection 2018; Soft Grey and Bare, each on another wall, giving a wonderful and warm effect.

For the third wall we used a Sandberg wall paper, adding a subtle pattern to the room. Against this wall you can find three regular stars yet styled in another way then what you would maybe expect from us.
The Sebra cot with a Numero 74 canopy make a gorgeous little sleeping corner. Next to it the Byron Bay daybed, this time with only some subtle cushioning for our Big Stuffed friend. A setting like this, compared to a recent shoot with this day bed, show you how versatile some items are are and how much you can do with bedding and cushions.
On the floor some soft structure with the Maison Saadah grid rug, perfect for crawlers later on.

A custom made wall cabinet creates a classic and timeless element, serving as a changing table for now with this Archive Store  baby basket and cute Severina hand knitted mushrooms. The Snowpuppe lamp brings in a fresh vibe, the LPLN mobile a beautiful distraction for the baby.

On the opposite side, against the wall we placed two IKEA x HAY shelves that will probably fill up with books and toys as years go by. For now we can enjoy them as they are with just dome of our favorite accessories on display like the Sarah & Bendrix animal kingdom, the UUIO blocks, Mikanu pears and good old Velveteen babies garland. A touch of blue is brought in with this LEGO storage, something that will be useful for the coming years.
And no nursery is complete without a cute Pax and Hart print right?

The room is lit by a bird cage lamp,  a Vasili Jellyfish lamp, a beautiful new brand we recently discovered. Both are serious eye candy that give a playful touch to the room.


You gotta love a good wall paper. Wall paper can make a fantastic statement wall therefore we often propose it in designs we make for our clients to compliment paint.

When Jimmy Cricket approached us again to take care of the styling for the launch of her new jungle design, we could not wait to get started. We have worked with Jimmy Cricket before for her collaboration with Pax and Hart for the One Fun Day and Bunny wall paper. Her latest jungle design is right up our street. As a bonus she mentioned the set up would need to be vibrant, colorful with lots of lush greens… Hey! That’s just how we like it!

A beautiful wooden floor by Nordic Homeworx  brings in warmth, authenticity and structure. Together with the jungle wall paper it created a perfect starting point for our settings.

The first one is with the Byron Bay daybed. With some amazing bedding by La Cerise sur le Gateau via Bon Bon Bleu in teal blue, warm green and mustard yellow we made a perfect mis match which is a key ingredient of styling. With cushions in different materials (yes we are still fully on board with the velvet trend) we brought in some structure and pops of color.  Our Big Stuffed friend seems pretty comfortable there… so would we.
Against the wall you can find some easy going cabinets from IKEA which we painted ourselves to give it a personal touch. We finished it off with a touch of warm red from a unique piece by Zoe Rumeau.

For the second setting we wanted to create a nursery that works for both girls and boys. Since the wall paper is so vibrant, it can stay in a kids room as they grow up.
The DertigZes cot is still a favorite as it is so easy to work with, it goes with any color or pattern. We chose for the same bedding with a pop of color to keep it simple but strong. Because we are always happy to bring in a touch of pink we chose a pink jellyfish from Vasili lights, a great new discovery with the most amazing lighting! An oldie but goodie Fiona Walker flamingo head brings in some extra structure and softness.

Playing this wall paper down also works very well with the use of neutral tones and Scandinavian furniture…. Can you visualize that too?

As you can see, the opportunities are endless with a good starting point.
One thing is certain: with a wall paper like this you just can’t go wrong!

Styling by Live Loud Girl | Photography by Natelee Cocks





The summer is on it’s way to the Middle East and the Spring holiday vibes are tangible in our house. We have a family trip to Sri Lanka during the Easter break coming up and we all just can’t wait.

As you know we always love changing around things in the boys room. Just with a funky poster, another rug or some new storage it will feel different and look as new.
This time we chose for bedding by a brand we love for a long time, La Cerise sur la Gateau.
Bon Bon Bleu provides this fantastic bedding brand, made from super soft cotton in the colors that we currently love to work with. Teal blue, warm green and mustard yellow with a grid or a dot, are perfect for every kids room

The bunk bed looks ready for two fast growing boys to accommodate their long nights with dreams of endless beaches, coconuts and Tuk Tuks.

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