It is mid term break, it is the weekend, it is all fun and games at our house. Having two boys is high energy, laugh hard, play hard.

For this energetic season I ordered some and sportively fun items from Bobo Choses. An old time favorite brand since the day my kids were born. This Barcelona based brand captures the magical, passionate look and language of children – as they put it themselves. We love the fun designs and subtle playful colors. It puts a smile on everyones face in this house. Next to the fashion items they created some additional interior wannahaves of which the pennant which carries out the message ” sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn” absolutely belongs to the favourites of this Legend collection.

If you are looking for us, we are enjoying the weekend! And we hope you do the same.

Bobo Choses T-shirts | Bobo Choses Pennant | Pax and Hart Roll With It Poster | By Alex Play Mats 



With just over one month into 2017, the exciting time has come where brands are launching their new  spring collections. We definitely see the link to some of the trends that we spotted during the Milan Design Week of 2016. The earthy tones, dusty pinks and leafy greens have been translated into some of our favorite design and homeware brands.

Ferm living has not only just launched their new collection, it is the first time they have are into kids furniture. Beautiful simple and versatile basics that can honestly go with any style. You can mix and match by combining the beautiful warm red with soft pink! Other favorites that are totally into these colors are Muuto  with their Nerd Chair and kidswear brands like Mingo kids with their SS17 collection.

Another trend along these lines that we can’t help noticing is the Terrazzo inspired pattern. Ferm Living added some incredible wall paper and soft items to their collection that go very well with the rusty red. The Smallable home collection Sweetcase also introduced this theme.

Currently at the Live Loud Girl HQ we are working on a project that is all about these colors. Together with Jotun who launched their Structure palet in Milan, we want to bring these warm colors inside. We can’t say more then that for now, we can just promise you that it will be worth the wait.

Coee Ball vase by The Bowery Company | Pink Stairs by The Poster Club





We are fans of Italian food, Italian fashion and of this Italian blogger @nico_smallittle  we came across on Instagram.
Because we love her style, we asked her if she would be open to share some of her favorite photo’s from her home.  Today she gives us a home tour and some of her best go-to places for furniture and accessories.


Working with Pax and Hart is a dream job. We have been a fan of her work since forever. We have used her art in our own homes, in photo shoots and interior styling projects as they are so versatile and funky.
Last year we had the chance to actually work for this talented lady from Down Under. We were asked to create a concept and style the photoshoot of her new prints that she wanted to present in a homey environment with a vintage yet playful feel.

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