nurseryAfter posting a room on the blog, we always receive a lot of questions on where we get the different products from. As the goal of this blog is to create and inspire,  we want to share our finds with you. A new item on the blog is born.

The blue wall gives this nursery a peaceful bedroom vibe without making it dark or cool. The yellow details brighten it up and with a cot like this one it becomes a sweet and welcoming whole. We always work with a wide range of products. It is the mix between new and old, affordable and durable, daring and simple that makes it work. Shop, shop, shop!

1. Mushroom lamp from Smallable | 2. Octopus cushion by Grampa | 3. Rug by Armadillo&Co | 4. Shelf by String furniture via Femkeido | 5. Cot from Sebra | Color on the wall by Jotun code NCS S 7020-R80B


vogue3A new week with new inspiration.

Do you remember the boys room with the world map or the playroom of the house in Saudi? For both of these rooms we used the stunning wall paper from Ane Walldecor. Yet, some of you wanted to know if there is a more affordable alternative out there. Well we found one. This watercolor cactus wall paper is definitely a good option. If you are more into the lush palms and want a bit of a more exotic look, we found this gorgeous option.  It is on our wish list.

Bringing green inside, in whatever shape or form, is always a good option. We were absolutely inspired by elements of a photo shoot featured on the SF Girl by Bay blog, showing that there is no boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. The subtle boho vibe in combination with the lush green makes us want to teleport straight to Sydney.

As we are in the neighborhood already, we do not want to leave our Auzzie friends Kate & Kate Home unmentioned. Currently this beautiful brand just launched their new line of bedding, cushions and throws that have that same boho tough.

You must know by now that we are suckers for storage. Cantilever from Melbourne just launched their Wanda storage system which is such a clean and clever changeable system. We would love to work with a product like this.

Via good old Instagram we came across Rug by Gur. A super funky player that works together with artist using traditional materials and weaving techniques from Portugal. Weather you want to have one on the kitchen floor or up on the wall, these rugs can really bring a room alive.

Picture by prue ruscoe for vogue living 



We have only met Hannah Argyle through Instagram-likes and e-mail conversations, yet it feels like we have known her for years. This is probably due to the fact that she (like us) is Insta-obsessed as she says so herself. Her passion and amazing talent for photography gave her quite an impressing number of followers. We are dealing with an Instagram influencer here!

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