I am literally taking a walk On The Wild Side here with a post about beauty products. As this lock down slowed our lives down, I got out of my comfort zone and standard routines. After cutting my own bangs and coloring my hair pink, I thought it would be safer to try new skin care product from France. And in the category “everybody always asks me about my morning routine” (which I don’t think anyone ever does) I will let you know why I want to write about this.

Beauty products? Hear me out…

First of all, On The Wild Side is a new line of skin care products which are organic and 100% natural. The two main ingredients birch sap (detoxifying and revitalizing) and beech buds (regenerating and draining) come directly from their natural eco-system.

Secondly, I have seen lots of beauty bloggers and fashionista’s on my feed venturing out to interior design. I thought it would be a nice little experiment to go in the opposite direction. I am tapping into this new field of blogging with the confidence of Bambi on the ice.

Also, at Live Loud Girl we are passionate about supporting small businesses. Having worked with so many of them in our work as stylists, we know that the passion and dedication a small business owner pours into his or her products is incomparable then a products rolling of the conveyer belt of a big corporate. You see it, you feel it, you know it!

And last but not least, I am in the over-40 club now. That in combination with living in a harsh sunny climate, I want to take care of my skin in the best way possible. I have learnt that we do not need all those chemicals and synthetic products on our skin. I want naturally hydrating and preferably regenerating products that make my skin glow. And that is exactly what On The Wild Side does.


It is always a good idea to re-evaluate your standard routines. Times change, you change, your ideas change. My morning routine is a new one now. And looking in the mirror ensures me it was the right choice.


Summer is definitely here. Where normally around this time of year we would spend our afternoons at the pool and the weekends at the beach, we are currently still stuck inside like the rest of the world.
But that is no reason to ignore the season. Because you can take the boy out of the summer but you can’t take the summer out of the boy!
So here we are, enjoying mellow mornings in the bedroom, weekend brunches in our own kitchen and lazy beach days in the lounge.

Our weekend staycations have slowly become the new normal. Where we were all scratching the doors in the first weeks, we have adapted and become more at ease with the situation. Where I have been busted without make up and still in gym gear at the end of the day, the boys dress themselves properly for their online school days during the week, and for chilling in the weekends.

To celebrate the season, we make an order from Smallable with a selection from Hundred Pieces for my ever growing kids. The main reason? They love this brand! The prints are swanky, the make comfortable and it lasts more than one season. They always seem to grab Hundred Pieces clothing from their wardrobe and you don’t hear me complaining. As a matter or fact, I happen to love their woman’s wear too. But most importantly in this strange time we are in: this brand screams summer all year round!

So even though we can’t wait to get out again to have a proper beach day, we will just stay put, chill out, relax indoors and work on our summer spirit and party tricks until we can go out again. But when we finally do so, we will at least be wearing proper summer gear!

SHOP THE LOOK by SMALLABLE: Navy t-shirt | Get up Stand up t-shirt |Hawaii Bermuda shorts | Funky socks | Cap | Red Shorts


As an entrepreneur these times are tough.
I am not even going into the details as everyone has their own story. Some families are solely dependent on this income, others are not. No matter the situation, industry or part of the world you are in at the moment, we can all agree that entrepreneurs have to sit tight, get creative and reinvent themselves in this uncertain and unpredictable situation.

Lock down = Slow down

Even though interior styling is not really a vital industry, we are feeling it big time. No projects, no income. Simple as that.
We are perfectly fine with people seeing this as a ‘glass is half empty’ situation. Yet we feel that we need to find the silver lining. Both for our own businesses (Live Loud Girl and Fronteriors) and for the platform we are.
In good times we love inspiring entrepreneurs by sharing knowledge and our experiences of having an own business. Now that we are in the middle of this heavy weather, we would like to do the same.

With opportunities slowing down or evaporating, we don’t seen to have more time. Home schooling 2 children has proven to be a full time job. To stay sane, we do want to have some dedicated time for ourselves and for our businesses.
Not to work IN the business, but ON the business. Is there a difference then? Yes, absolutely. The thing is that normally, as an entrepreneur, you probably only have time for the first. Now is the time to focus on the latter.

The ‘IN’

Working IN your business means producing revenue. It is being caught up in the operational side of things. As an entrepreneur you are probably the CEO, the finance director, marketing guru, production line vice president, the efficient secretary and the gastronomic canteen owner. For Live Loud Girl, revenue producing business is designing, doing client installations, styling photo shoots for brands or products… We love it and do this 80% of the time (20% being the far less sexy admin of owing an own business).
With Fronteriors we are kept busy with shooting our furniture, factory visits, improvements on the product and always working on the next collection.

The ‘ON’

Working ON your business means refining it, finding ways to grow and to add value in the long run. It is working on a more solid foundation, building an even stronger brand, creating more focus. Especially now, it is looking for ways to make a living with the restrictions we have.
How to do this? Well that is different for every business out there. But we can give you a few ideas.
We fully support small businesses and are giving shout outs to our favorite ones on stories. Feel free to reach out via DM if you have any questions and we hope you and your business will come out of this s*#@ show stronger, better and evolved. Best of luck to you all!

Working ON your business
  • Get organised: This is the time to clean up all those dropbox folders and files on your desktop. You will be surprised on how much you store and don’t need. Or sometimes find something that might be of use again.
  • Update your social platforms: On a day to day basis, many of us don’t have the time to update websites. But keep in mind, your ‘about’ page is one of the most visited pages. So make sure it looks good. The same goes for your Instagram Bio, your Facebook page… This is the time!
  • Create an image bank: Whether you create your own photography or have other people shoot for you, you might have the time for it now. And photographers out there will be happy to have something to work on.
  • Invest in yourself: You are never too old to learn. There are so many courses online in every single subject. Some free, some on a subscription. Our team is working on several subjects right now to be more knowledgable once we are up and running again.
  • Reach out to your client base now and let them know where you stand. Thank them for their support or maybe spoil them with a freebee. Everyone is in this together and people are helping each other like never before.
  • Stay positive: we know this is a hell of a time, yet you have worked very long to get where you are today. Get creative and try to think of other ways to earn a salary.

Photo gallery: Top and first photo: Working from home combined with home schooling | Below the things we miss doing during lock down: Art Direction and styling for Jotun | My other business @fronteriors | Home installations | Collaborative shoots | Photo shoots | Office days


We admire so many creative entrepreneurs. Therefore we love to invite them as a Guest on the Blog and are always very honored if they make the time for it. We ask them questions about their business, their inspiration and their home. Not only to inspire you, also to give you an insight in what’s behind that endless scroll of beautifully curated photos on their account: a lot of hard work.
An account that is always on the list to check when we are in need of inspiration ourselves is @woodchuck. We have been fans since they started three years ago. And now that I am in the furniture business myself, I can admire their craftsmanship even more.
Woodchuck combines design with functionality. Their aesthetic is clean, minimal yet warm. Not only do we love their beautiful furniture, the photography of their home and installations is just magical.

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