When it comes to appliances and electronics, I am extremely picky. So most of the necessary household items are stored away, behind beautiful doors of my (kitchen) cabinets.
Yet now I have finally found ‘my kind of’ appliance. My new portable Beosound Level speaker is one to show off and flaunt with around the house.

The Beosound Level promises superior sound in a minimalistic, Scandinavian inspired design. Well, I just had to say ‘yes’ to that. It is a great addition to our interior with the classic combination of wood and gold details. Not less important is the sound, which is incredible.

Another great feature is that the speaker can be used in several positions, depending where you need it. Standing up, lying down or mounted on the wall. Either way, the sound quality is not compromised. So bringing music with you wherever you are in the house is easy.

The speaker has been spending most of it’s time in the living room for after school chilling. But I have also managed to bring it upstairs to the master bedroom. I think it looks stunning there. Yet I am afraid the boys will soon be on to me and have it in their room. And I can’t blame them.

B&O has always been a front runner when it comes to combining superior sound with design. I learned this growing up. So I am delighted to have such a stunning appliance in my house now that I can show off.

Styling by Live Loud Girl | Photography by Marli Smith Photography


This year turned out to be quite an exceptional one. One we will remember. It will be either filed in the back of your darkest cupboard or on your bed side table. It might have devastated you at times and/or have brought you new opportunities. In what ever category you find yourself, I think we can all agree that it has been a year to re-evaluate, rethink and reset. And with a new year on the horizon, I think we are all ready to restart!

We have spent so much time at home that we all have a new appreciation of it. It has lead to making lots of changes in the house. Changes that either had been on the to do list for a long time or that have just improved our living situation.
Many intimate dinners have taken place at the kitchen table. With the four of us, with friends and – luckily – also with family. We have spent so much time with each other that we are actually getting along better than ever before. Who would have thought. It makes you re-evaluate why we always have the tendency to fly out and find distractions.

Exercise has always been an important element in my week. Yet due to the lockdown, the Dubai temperatures and a few trending intolerances, I had lost my mojo a bit. So it was time to rethink my work out and food scheme. Joining the Best10 program was definitely a challenge. But I never would have thought that I could be this toned and healthy at 40+. Eating meals that nourish my body and doing exercise which pushes up my heart rate is now my new normal.

This reset has allowed us to change the way we are thinking about our businesses – Live Loud Girl and @fronteriors – which are luckily both still afloat. Maybe because we were lucky, also because we have worked bloody hard this year. Because although we are passionate about our business, it is not only passion that drives it. It is the combination of being good at it, putting in 25 hours in a day and never giving up.

What we all hope is that we will look back on this year and just think how this massive hick up (to put it mildly) has allowed us to become better versions of ourselves. Wether it is your business situation, your relationship, your work/life balance, your exercise routine…. there is always room for improvement.
2020 might just become a synonym for having no more excuses and making things happen! So let’s all reset and start the new year with some serious munition.


Just over a year ago, things shifted. Live Loud Girl had been evolving and finally we weren’t afraid anymore to say we were more then ‘just’ interior stylists with the focus on kids rooms. We see ourselves as a creative agency now. We have been allowing ourselves to get out there and take on bigger commercial projects. We focus more now on art direction, styling consultancy and building a brand.

Besides all this, my new business @fronteriors has been growing at the same speed as my kids. Together with my business partner @houseofhawkes I have been working around the clock to build a solid business. It has been all about finding a balance between following our gut feeling and doing what is commercially viable.

Although it was not intentional, both businesses complement each other. It is not possible (and not necessary) to draw a line between where one starts and the other one ends. Something that really came to show when I installed my own @fronteriors wall unit at home this week. Styling and furniture are two of my greatest passions. This passion and style have evolved over the years though.

Ingredients that changed my DNA

Traveling and living in different places in the world has definitely influenced my style, but also the way I do business. It allows me to push myself and be pushed by the people I have around me.
My Dutch roots give me guidance and keep things very clear (ask anyone from the Live Loud Girl or Fronteriors team…). My time in New York has taught me to stand out. And the Middle East gave me the opportunity to follow my heart and actually bring everything together. All these ingredients make it my own and – hopefully – unique. Even though I am genetically Dutch, I feel that these ingredients have changed my DNA.

The new focus

My focus at the moment is on entrepreneurship. It shifted from becoming a stylist to building a brand and running a company.
My dream and goal is to have @fronteriors grow into a healthy, confident brand which allows anyone around the world to welcome a piece of furniture into their home with a Scandinavian design feel.
Live Loud Girl is still my platform to tell my story about style. It will still be the place where we focus is on inspiring home owners to let their homes tell their story. On showing how to work with what you have, and sometimes adding that LOUD element. But with both businesses I want to focus on style. Untouchable, transformable, ever-changable style.


Cooler days are on our doorstep which brings jeans, jerseys, socks and beanies on our mind. Our Northers European genes make us look forward to warmer winter gear I guess.
We were very happy to be asked by Smallable to do a shoot for the brand Hundred Pieces AW/20 campaign. You’ve probably seen it on the boys before. They nearly always grab Hundred Pieces items from their wardrobe as they are soft, easy to wear and funky. This collection is a selection of offbeat essentials, which draws inspiration from urban culture and vintage sportswear.

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