It can’t really be the cold and dark winter evenings in Dubai or the glistening pine tree in our home yet every year around this time we do get into the Xmas spirit.
This last year has been yet another amazing one for us as a team. We were we were able to grow and do things that were high on our wish list yet never imagined it would already happen. And this all would not have been possible without some amazing loyal and new partners.

We believe in the strength of combining different brands, products and players which challenges us to always keep changing, growing and push our creativity. With these brands we were able to do some very fun project and photo shoots. In our portfolio you can find a summery.

To highlight some of the brands with a serious Live Loud Girl vibe and to treat you, our devoted follower this festive season, we have put together a give away. Our Dutch spontaneity did not allow us to go for the usual 12 products to celebrate the twelve days of Christmas because we just could not stop the list of favorites. So there  you have it, we are celebrating THIRTEEN days of Christmas. Because Live Loud – why not?

The give away is on Instagram and will focus on one gift everyday. In the overview below you can find what is up for grabs. We hope you will tag along with us in the countdown to kick off this festive season and end 2017 with a bang. As the calendar of the new year is already filling up, we want to be grateful for what we were able to do this year and share the love with you.

Our Xmas Give Away Calendar:

1.December 11th: Sarah and Bendrix – wooden Amimal kingdom

2. December 12th: Severina x Krethaus – Cushion

3.December 13th: Gardner and the Gang – $ 100 voucher

4.December 14th: Make History – Time Capsule ornaments

5.December 15th: By Alex – Play mat

6.December 16th: The Bowery Company – set of golden cups

7.December 17th: Alex & Alexa – £150 voucher

8.December 18th: Telkiddo – Toy storage bag sleepy eyes

9.December 19th: Aro for kids – Embroidery wall decor

10.December 20th: By Something Els – Shelf

11.December 21st: Lidor – La Cerise sur le gateau bedding

12.December 22nd: Marta Abad Blay – Summer Jungle poster

13.December 23rd: Little Connoisseur – AUD $180 voucher

All you have to do is:
– ❤ the Live Loud Girl Instagram post with your favorite product
– Follow us and the supplier of your favorite product
– Tag a friend in the comments below (each friend tagged counts as an additional entry)
You can enter as many times as you like.
We will announce a winner everyday.

So start tagging and good luck!


If someone has been on our ‘inspirator-to-must-check-before-we-start-the-day’ list for a long time it is the blogger, master of the shelfies and creative that we know as ChloeUberkid
With her stunning photography this mother of five gives us a chance to get a peek into her daily life with her fun filled home and her gorgeous kids. Not only the imagery makes us smile, we love her captions which are so witty and relatable.

When we asked her to be our Guest on the Blog, she had literally just bought a new house. She thought she would be settled in 48 hours, we (all of us experiences nomads) thought it would take a bit longer… Nevertheless, her new home is amazing and all set up now so that Chloe can give us an exclusive look around. We asked her about her favorite room in the house and her go-to brands and shops that allow her to style like no one else.

Chloe: I was so excited to move house recently and have an excuse to completely change the kids rooms around. Kitty’s was the room I was most looking forward to styling and I knew straight away I wanted a Numero 74 canopy from Molly Meg because in our old house Kitty was in the loft and all the walls sloped in, so it was great to finally be able to hang one… although the second we did the other kids wanted one too!

I had my eye on the Oliver Furniture bed from Nubie for so long, so transitioning from a junior bed to a single bed, which would usually make me really cry, was a whole lot easier when it was this beautiful. Kitty loves arranging it like a day bed too so whenever I walk in she will have made some different set up of toys and cushions on her Poppy and Honesty bedding.

Kitty has the main influence over all the accessories in the room (and there is no point in arguing with her!). We put a hook rail up to display her most beautiful items such as the Fable Heart cape and skirt, and then some Ikea shelves on the other side holding more of her favorite book snd toys, like the Sesame and Lily wand and Lapin and Me dolls.

Bed by Oliver furniture at Nubie Kids | Canopy by Numero 74 at Molly Meg | Woodland heads from Ella and the Roo | Unicorn hobby horse from Red Hand Gang | Cape Fable Heart
Bedding from Poppy and Honesty | Doll house Olliella at The Little Natural Co. | Doll moses basket from Tilly + Cub | Garlands by Velveteen Babies | Dolls from Lapin & Me | Animal Babies from Avas Dreams | Wand from Sesame and Lily


Now what is a shelfie?
A shelfie is a widely hashtagged social media pic of a shelf that you put some time and effort into. So no need for duck faces or wrinkle filters, it is only your shelf and its content that needs to look good.
For interior stylists like us it is a nice way to display a combination of some of our own treasures and new favorites while demonstrating our styling skills.

Since we always get so many comments on the shelfies we install (either in projects or at home) we wanted to take the time to show you how we roll when creating a shelfie. Now nothing is written in stone and you can shuffle around as much as you like, there are just a few pointers that we want to share.

We always love to start with a blank canvas, in this case: an empty shelf.
We are starting off with some beautiful acrylic shelves from By Something Els

Our first item is always the books. Use some (esthetically correct) favorites of the kids, different sizes, colors or maybe just go for that beautiful cover.
Second thing to add is a cute postcard or small print.
For accessorising we love wooden toys like Pinch Toys or the Animal Kingdom from Sarah & Bendrix. They just add that touch of vintage and warmth that we think can not be left out.
To funk things up we like to use some signage. Words on banners, flags, signs… they can all work well depending on the vibe you want to create.

Don’t think you are done just yet as we like to do what is called: styling off the shelf. The space between, above and under the shelves to us is just as important.
So we start off with hanging something in between. A garland is always a good idea as it adds color, texture and a different shape.
You can also hang something to the side or above the shelves like we did with the mini tiger rug before in the playroom. And definitely do not forget the space under the shelves. As storage addicts we love to extend our shelfie to the top part of a storage basket or box so that we use the whole part of the wall.
Styling off the shelf also allows you to pull things out of balance. Balance in your life is good but your shelf can very well do without it.

There you have it. We hope we inspire you with the short videos of how we handle a shelfie for a girls and a boys room and a more neutral one. Give it a go, have some fun. And remember, if you are not happy with it, just start again from scratch.

Shelfie 1- Neutral

Cars Pinch toys | Moon Zoe Rumeau | Hoop Aro For Kids | Mushroom Severina Kids | Print My deer | Flamingo Fiona Walker | Print Peek & Pack | Garland Severina Kids |  Acrylic Shelves By Something Els

Shelfie 2- Girls

Wooden animals Sarah Hendrix | Moon Zoe RumeauHoop Aro For KidsMushroom Severina KidsFlamingo Fiona WalkerPrint Peek & Pack | Garland Velveteen Babies |  Rhino Severina KidsAcrylic Shelves By Something Els

Shelfie 3 – Boys

Cars Pinch toys | Moon Zoe Rumeau | Hoop Aro For Kids | Mushroom Severina Kids |  Flag Bobo Choses  | Lucky Boy Sunday dollAcrylic Shelves By Something Els


The Dubai Design week 2017 were kicked off yesterday with the opportunity for bloggers to visit the trade fair before the crowds come in. Why? Well, we just love to get a good shot of some beautiful design without someone behind it that we otherwise would need to shop away. Anything for a perfect pic right?

This early bird special does get us in the mood for this week because this is the most inspirational time for design lovers like us in Dubai. Design, in any shape or form, is an essential part of our life. It is something genuine and interesting, and we love learning about it and being surprised by it’s functionality or creativity.

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